Request a Shot

Are you a former resident of the Cleveland, OH area and wish you had a picture of a specific landmark, building, bridge, or anything else?  Have you always wanted a 30×40 canvas of a waterfall you used to visit but can’t find a print anywhere?

Are you interested in a service not listed on this website?

Submit a Request a Shot

I want to hear your requests.  If you want a photo of something, run it by me.  If you want a photographer for something I don’t have listed as an active service, you can request it here by filling out the form below.

Disclaimer Time…

I am making no promises to take every request that comes through, but I will listen to your request and give it consideration.  Instant disqualifiers will be if private property is involved and the owner doesn’t allow me to take photos, access is impossible, trespassing is involved (some public parks frown on this), the task is beyond my physical abilities (I’m not a very good rock climber, so anything involving me dangling by a rope is probably not going to happen) or anything else that doesn’t allow me to legally and/or physically take the photos.  If private property is involved, I will need written permission prior to going forward with the project.