Infrared Photography

Sandy Ridge in North Ridgeville, OH - Infrared Photography by Jason Tyson

What is Infrared Photography?

Infrared photography is a specialized form of photography and involves a camera body being modified to capture infrared light.  Infrared light, sometimes referred to as infrared radiation, is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than those of visible light.  In other words, we humans do not see infrared light.  A camera body modified to capture infrared is also typically modified to block light visible to the human eye, resulting in an image comprised mostly of light we cannot see.  I say mostly because my infrared camera body is configured to capture a very small amount of visible light, resulting in “fake color”.  In pure infrared photography, there is no color and tree leaves look white.  With camera bodies that allow a tiny sliver of visible light to hit the camera sensor, like my preferred choice, it allows for far more artistic and creative freedom, like pink trees.

For any photographers viewing this page and wanting to know more:

My camera body was converted by LifePixel and they do an amazing job.  Even if you want to simply learn more behind the science, their website is a wealth of knowledge.  They offer conversions for infrared, full spectrum, ultraviolet, h-alpha (astro photography), and anti-aliasing filter removal.  For infrared, LifePixel can do 470nm, 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 830nm, and blue+IR conversions.  I am currently using a 590nm conversion.  If you are considering exploring the world of infrared photography, it can add so much more artistic and creative opportunities you would otherwise not realize.  If you want to ask me some questions, feel free to reach out.  Click here for my contact page.

Photo Prints and Photo Products

If you are interested in purchasing prints, canvases, and other photo products, all of my infrared work, in addition to what you see above, is available for purchase.  To view my photo products, please click here.