Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

Are you a charity or non-profit organization in need of photographic services?  Are you a non-profit in need of someone to take pictures of the kids with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?  Are you trying to help underprivileged kids prepare for their careers and want some professional headshots for them?  Do you need a photographer for a Make-A-Wish event? (Side note: if my schedule allows and I can make the event, I have never and will never charge for Make-A-Wish events or similar)  Let’s talk!

I am a big believer in private charity and love to do my part to help out.  Photography is my biggest passion and while I run a photography business, I welcome the opportunity to use my passion and skills to help make an impact and contribute, whether at a discount or volunteering my time.  Fill out the form below and give me some details about your needs.