Professional Headshots for Individuals and Companies

Professional Headshots for the Individual

Why Does Everyone Need a Professional Headshot?

In today’s world with our lives all over social media, we open ourselves up to increased visibility. Along with this increased visibility comes the risk of potential employers or customers viewing images of our lives we may not want them to see. Often times, the first impression a potential employer or customer gets is from the first picture they see of you. The first picture they see of you could mean getting the new job in your growing career or losing out completely. In today’s world, you could lose a job opportunity or customer without even communicating with them solely based off the first impression they get from your LinkedIn or Facebook profile picture.

The Impact of a Professional Headshot

Standard vs Professional Headshot


In the above example, each headshot is of the same person.  On the left is the headshot done by his company.  On the right is the headshot I did for him.  If you were looking for a new employee, checking out a potential business partner, or looking over a company’s website that offers a service you have a need for, which headshot would make you more comfortable while deciding whether to make contact or not?

What do your pictures say about you? What do your pictures say about your personal brand? Do you look confident? Do you look approachable? Your headshot has become as important as the cover page to your resume. It is the first thing potential employers and/or customers see about you. Having a strong headshot sends a message and it is important to send the right message.

Headshots for Companies and Groups

A common trend for companies and organizations is to list key staff members on their website or in marketing materials.  People want to see who they are dealing with and how they feel about the appearance of your staff can have an impact about how they feel about your company.  Professional headshots add a feel to your organization of professionalism, even if you have a casual work place.


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