Real Estate Photography

Interiors and Real Estate by Jason Tyson Photography

Every product has a better chance of selling when it has has a slew of professional images accompanying it in advertisements.   Compare the images for an item for sale on the local online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook to what you see on Target and Best Buy.  High quality, professional images give potential buyers confidence in the initial stages of the buying process and this is important if you want someone to go from just browsing to deciding whether to purchase.  This applies to everything from a toaster to a mansion.

Why you need professional real estate photos

As a real estate agent, how much money in commissions are you costing yourself by doing your own real estate photos?  Your job is to sell houses.  My job is to take pictures.  You are only getting paid to do one job, so why are you trying to do two?  The time you spend trying to line up good angles, mess with lighting, and edit the pictures is time you could be spending closing another deal.  You sell.  I give you the tools that help you sell.  Don’t lose out on commissions because you are too busy working on photos.

If you are selling a house or condo, you need professional images.  Houses are expensive.  Most of us wouldn’t even find the motivation to drive to a car dealership to test drive a car unless the pictures looked good online.  Houses are no different and they are much larger investments.

Real estate photography is priced off of distance and square footage.  If you would like a price quote or more information, please fill out the form below.